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I attended all seven sessions and I learned a lot. That class changed the manner in which I walk. Now, I look ahead. Most of what I know about falls is from my work. With some claims, I talk with people who have experienced a fall with injury. I have a daily routine. I have a walker by the sofa that I use. Where I live, I come down stairs, turn on the coffee, get everything ready, then I pull out the walker. That is my exercise. I do knee bends, more bends and lifts; then I do 50 toe and heel raises, those that I learned in the class.

I do those and more. My muscles are still tense, you know, and not as elastic as you need them to be. Feelings of unbalance. You have to work at it. Because when you forget and let your guard down, you fall. It worked for me. You have to be defensive and work for your life. I want to tell more men.

Until their on their butt and embarrassed and have to ask. In my lifetime, my experience with the earth has been dramatic in different ways, I was a commercial diver for years, I was also a fireman. I was active and I knew how to fall; had parachute training, all of it. We have less bone density, so falls are dramatic. Our muscles are not as quick.

We try to cushion the fall and break a bone, tear a tendon. A cane is good.

A friend of mine broke out all his front teeth not too long ago. His vanity prevents him from using a cane and now he is suffering. John: What this experience has taught me, and I want to stress that in my words right now, that is to look forward where I am walking. Look forward to the obstacles in front of me and preplan mentally. You got to look at your whole environment, your whole body. I even drive differently. After these three years, the change is a part of my everyday. My connection with fall prevention began with a rude introduction.

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I fell. It was a very bad fall. It was last November I was walking on some wet pavement and the next thing I do is I fall flat on my face.

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And I was down. I was very stunned. I was in the front my own house. The sprinklers had been on, which made the sidewalk wet. I could not physically pull myself up to stand. None of my neighbors were around to help. It must have been a weekday morning. I had no other choice but to crawl to my front door and crawl inside.

So, I got myself up on a chair and I just sat there for a while. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. And, I had this big goose-egg bump on the side of my head, abrasions down my face, and I was starting to get two black eyes. I used to work in healthcare and we are the worst patients. We have the biggest attitudes when it comes to medical care. I was told to go. Friends and family urged me. From then on, I was so afraid of falling again.

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And my balance was noticeably off. I felt out of control. I had never fallen before that incident. Not even a stumble. It was my first fall ever and it was bad. My son tried to help and purchased me a cane. After all, Vaughan is a little rough around the edges and quite different than the businessmen she is used to dating, but what is wrong with a little experimentation? Right turned out to be all wrong, so maybe playing a little dirty is the way to go!

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When the plane carrying an FBI agent and the fugitive she is bringing back to prison crashes, they realize they will have to depend on one another for survival. Can a city girl who is attracted to her charge and the rough-and-tumble fugitive resist their desires for one another?

And what about the other prisoners from the plane — the ones who are out looking for them and trying to hunt them down? When Mae, a photographer, visits Texas for a shoot that could make her entire career explode, she meets up again with Jackson, a bull-rider whom she knew once, a long time ago.

Still, Mae is trying to concentrate on her photo shoot, while Jackson is concentrating on her, and neither one of them has any idea what is in store for them. They flirt for awhile then take their relationship to the next level, but when they return back home, they are both curious about what to do next. Right, and everything that she goes through to make that happen.

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Teagan and Aaron are both coming off of a divorce when they meet in Arizona for a party, and they share a few very passionate days and nights together. When she returns to Colorado, Aaron finds any excuse available to inch back into her life, but unbeknownst to her, he has a dark secret from his past — a secret that could ruin not only their relationship but her trust in men forever.

Still, she is plunging forward with this man because of the feelings that he produces in her, and she is not likely to stop anytime soon. This is a stand-alone first novel in a set that deals with a woman named Kara, who has been burned before and is struggling to put her life back together.

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When she meets a dashing man named Nathan, she realizes that what he wants is her. But is her heart ready to trust again, or should she let him go to one of the thousand other women who want him so that she can build her trust up some and become ready for another relationship with a man? This is a very dark and romantic novel that centers on Ava, who is broke and terrified, and now indebted to the one man who scares her to death.

Shayne is her obsessor and her tormentor, her savior and her foe, all at the same time. With raw grit and very intense characters, this is one story that you are not likely to forget anytime soon. Rebecca has been in love with her boss, Marcus, for a very long time, but she has never shared that secret with him. In fact, it would do her no good, since Marcus is attracted to a lovely singer and jet-setter named Delilah. Jennifer, AKA Lovely, works in a brothel and tries to hide the pain of selling herself to the world.

When she meets Clarence, she is immediately interested in this very interesting soul, even though all that most people see is a simple gentleman. When Clarence notices her, it changes both of them from that point forward, but can they get past what she does for a living and eventually develop a meaningful and loving relationship? Jennifer certainly hopes so.

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The final saga in the Crossfire series of books, this is the story of husband and wife Gideon and Eva, whose relationship is funny, tense, passionate, loving, and mysterious all at the same time. When their marriage starts to get a little rough, they both find out that the one thing that has kept them together so far just might end up tearing them apart eventually.

There are several relationships explored in this novel, and not a single one of them is boring. When Jean finds herself pregnant and alone, she moves to a small town so that she can be the mother she always wanted to be. There she meets sexy bartender Eric, who has recently decided to change his bad-boy ways and maybe — just maybe — even settle down.

When Jean goes into labor, a car accident brings the two together in an odd way, but will it be enough to keep them together in the end? Annette and Jackson have a steamy, passionate night together, after which Annette completely regrets what has happened.