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Please call now to schedule with Walker Remington, or click to email Walker ArizonaTerritorialAdventures. Allow Arizona Territorial Adventures to help you experience the sights, sounds and history of a landscape that holds a beauty and mystique all its own. You will hear how different Native American nations survived.

Arizona Territorial Jeep Tour: Spectacular Sonoran Desert

The ways in which plants and animals were used in a very harsh environment. How the early U. Calvary established its presence in the Southwestern region of our country. We like to think of ourselves as historical and sometimes, even hilarious guides who specialize in keeping our guests on the edge of their seats with tales — some true and some tall — of the Wild, Wild West.

The tour consists of some walking, so please make sure to wear closed-toe shoes. Arizona Territorial Adventures provides water and soda — along with a great time.

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Details: Leave the Doubletree Resort Lobby at am sharp! You will be dropped off at the Doubletree following the Tour at aprox.

What people are saying:. We walked into our hotel lobby and were immediately greeted by a guy in full 19th century garb complete with dual side arms and knife. The remainder of the trip only got better. The owner and guide Walker kept us aware of interesting sights as we drove to the off road trail head.


Enough facts and history but not over the top non stop rambling that can be the case with some tours. He was friendly, knowledgable and easy to work with. His body's density increases, granting him the indicated amount of damage reduction. Sand Form Su : At 4th level, the dune walker's control over his composition has increased tremendously. As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, he can convert his body into living sand, retaining his original shape but taking on the appearance of a contigious mass of roiling sand.

The sand form lasts for a number of rounds equal to the dune walker's class level plus his newly modified Constitution modifier, upon which the dune walker reverts to his natural form and cannot reenter sand form for a number of minutes equal to the rounds he spent in it. During this time the dune walker is also considered fatigued.

Is there only One Walker’s Haute Route?

Stinging Slash Su : At 5th level, the dune walker has learned an even greater martial technique that duplicates feats of the desert. On his turn, his reach is considered 5 feet longer as he lengthens the distance between the grains in his limbs. While in sand form, his reach is always considered 5 feet long, even when it is not his turn. Sandstorm Su : At 7th level, the dune walker can unleash a flurry of a coriolis storm to damage his foes. Each use of this ability deals 10 points of nonlethal damage to the dune walker. Draw in Sand Su : At 8th level, the dune walker can use the desert's resources to supplement his own.

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While in sand form and in contact with a seperate body of sand, the dune walker gains fast healing 1. Nonlethal damage is always healed first, followed by lethal damage. Alternatively, the dune walker can draw in sand and increase his size. He must absorb his current weight in sand to increase his size by one category, and can only ever increase his size by one category above normal.

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