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Why do we fall in love? How do we recognise faces? New Fiction.

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Editorial: Climate change is already here. 2020 could be your last chance to stop an apocalypse

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Gifts gifts. Last Chance to Buy. Home Last Chance to Buy. Filter by. Show 9 15 30 60 All. A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens. Our politicians have successfully managed the global nuclear threat for the last 75 years.

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  4. While you are legitimately panicking over all of this bad news, never forget that only by meeting the targets can we prevent Earth's sixth great extinction. Click here for information to help you overcome your legitimate panic or remember this link as you read the next even worse news section. There are other hyper-critical factors to be carefully planned for in the nightmare carbon and ppm global warming scenarios we will face.

    As if the proceeding was not enough to convince any rational individual that they need to do everything within their power to get their governments to meet the reduction targets to slow and lessen global warming so they can survive, there is yet more terrible news. As global warming worsens to its near-extinction levels, we will also have to deal with the following humanity and civilization-ending realities:.

    Nuclear reactors in global warming unsafe zones between the 45th parallel north and south will no longer be safe. They will no longer be able to be kept secure or maintained by functioning governments as global warming worsens. If these nuclear reactors go critical and meltdown as they most certainly will, it will not matter where you migrate to in the world.

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    No location or bunker will be safe from the continuous massive radiation fallout from scores to hundreds of Chernobil-like reactors. Worse yet, once these reactors go critical, they will spew deadly radiation for centuries! There are about nuclear reactors currently in the area between the 45 parallels north and south. Unfortunately, the same holds for all biological or chemical weapons or toxic chemicals stored in any areas with collapsing or collapsed governments. We will not be able to grow enough food for the desperate billions of climagees migrating to these areas.

    Somehow the governments of the world will have to find a way to cooperate and to fairly and wisely limit how many people can occupy the limited safer zones and still be fed. Trying to limit the number of desperate climagees who can inhabit the few remaining global warming safer zones by force or special lottery will be beyond difficult. Any such action will of itself create unimaginable social chaos, panic, and conflict that will keep those living in the global warming safer zones under continuous threat. At best because of the nuclear reactors toxic weapons and the coming border wars, anyone living in those limited, safer zones will only have temporary relief.

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    I f you do not allow enough genetically diverse individuals from the global warming unsafe zones to migrate, there will not be enough genetic diversity to survive the waves of new diseases that will burn through the far north or far south. These new diseases will emerge because of thousands-of-year-old unknown and known pathogens being increasingly released from the melting permafrost which humanity has never seen before and has no immunity. Additionally, these global warming safer zones will also be under threat from new pathogens or existing pathogens that are always mutating.

    Last Chance Ranch – Saving the World one Animal at a Time

    Only adequate genetic diversity will guarantee that at least someone will survive. For any of us to survive similarly to what we are used to, the world's critical infrastructure needed for a functioning modern civilization must be moved to the safer zones within the next years. We must wisely use whatever relative political, economic, and social stability that remains.

    This means that to save even a small percentage of humanity, we should already be moving critical industries like medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, etc. This infrastructure move also involves moving administrative, policing, and other social structures into the limited "Goldilocks" global warming safe zones. These safer zones most generally exist above the 45th to 55th parallels north or below the 45th to 55th parallels south.

    We are no longer in just an emergency to prevent global warming from getting worse. We are in an all-out war to prevent mass human, animal, and biological extinction and economic, social, and political chaos within our lifetimes. As long as we keep thinking about gradually managing the vague threat of "climate change," we are focusing on the wrong target.