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During Reading Activity Have students create a timeline of the events that occur in Anne Frank's life and the world. Have student make text-to-world connections of the importance of the events in the world during this time period and how each event effected Anne Frank and her family's life, and overall, the Jewish population. After watching the movie, ask students to compare and contrast how accurate the information is in the movie versus the bibliography. Have students split into small groups and discuss if it was an accurate portrayal of Anne Frank and her life.

Encourage students to use examples from the movie, i. They have been receiving letters from people all over the country because of her published diary. Many of the people wrote to her asking her to describe her life in the Secret Annex. Thus, students will pretend to be Anne Frank and describing the life that Anne Frank endured during her time in hiding.

Provide students with a set of key vocabulary words to use in their writing. Teaching Suggestions 1. Use this text to develop understanding of tolerance in people's culture, background, heritage, race and ethnicity; to show that people are diverse. Was any of the events in Germany happening within the United States?

Use this text in Geography to pinpoint where Anne Frank and her family moved to hide from the Nazis. It also provides a bibliography of Anne Frank; book reviews on how Anne Frank was a writer, who cast the characters in the movie, and a variety of teaching resources. Great to review after reading. One can view the background and history of Anne Frank and her family, receive a virtual tour of the Secret Annex, book tours to visit the Anne Frank Museum, view the timeline of Anne Frank's life and the events in world, read parts of her diary, and view photographs of the victims during the hiding.

Also included are handy tips for intrepid snowflake hunters, including what type of snowflakes to expect during certain weather conditions and opportune ways for capturing them. What do I W ant to learn?

What did I L earn? A KWL is a good strategy for group discussions. Develop a three column poster with each question in a column and list the responses.

During Reading Activity: Topic Web Organize the information you learned about your topic into a web showing the topic, subtopics, and details. With snowflakes being the topic, subtopics may include snowflake symmetry, classification, magnification, and origin. The details of the subtopics will be found throughout the book. After Reading Activity: Acrostic Write out the name of your topic down the page.

The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg

Then, for each letter in your topic, use meaningful information that you learned from your research to explain your topic. Teaching Suggestions Correlate this type of expository text with different content areas, such as math and science. Electronic Resources This link provides free activities for teachers. Figg, an orphan, sets off to follow his only brother into the thick of the Civil War.

Chunk 1: pp. Text-to-Self- How do you feel about Homer P. Figg personally? Would you want to be his friend? Why or why not? How are the weapons different? How do the soldiers fight differently? Which kind of war do you think is worse?

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Remind them to use first person to narrate the story. It provides focuses for the books, pre- reading activities, vocabulary, content area connections, extension activities, and strategies for teaching the book. Subtlety and slapstick is a challenging combination; Horvath pulls it off beautifully. Everyone but Primrose.

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She just knows that they will come back home. For all practical purposes, at least for the time being, Primrose is an orphan, and there's no great clamoring of prospective adopters. After realizing the impracticality of continuing to pay Miss Perfidy an hourly wage to baby-sit her, the town council is able to locate a relative, Uncle Jack, who reluctantly takes Primrose into his care. But true sanctuary can always be found at a restaurant called "The Girl in the Swing", where everything — including lasagna —is served on a waffle.

Discuss the concept of anecdotes and how they are used throughout the story and in other contexts. Then, have students search through the book and record several of the anecdotes. Have students explain how each pertains to the story.

To format this, model to students the split-page note taking style. Have the anecdote one side of the notebook page and then the explanation on the other side. After Reading Activity: Provide students a set of discussion questions so that students are able to participate in a fishbowl discussion.

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Some examples of these questions could be: Who are the dead whalers? What makes Primrose believe that parents are still alive? Hirsch Jr. Thomas A. Pauline Gibbons. Hilary Janks.

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