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I mean, later he was kind of a grumpy old man about changes in the musical world, but we can forgive him because he was also, like, really good at writing the kind of music he thought we all should be listening to.

Halloween Party Danse Macabre

The idea of a Danse Macabre was a popular late medieval meme to remind you that Death is always coming for you and it pops up in music and art, especially around the plague and other fun death-times like that. The legend claims Death appears at midnight each Halloween and plays his fiddle, calling up all the dead from their graves to dance for him until the cock crows at dawn.

Though this piece was not initially a success people were kind of disturbed by it , Liszt was quite fond of it. He had invented the damn genre of tone poems, and he had even written some similarly spooky-themed works so it was probably as much in his own self-interest to promote the hell out of Danse macabre. Since then this piece has been picked up and used in so many different ways, it shouldn't be too surprising if it sounds familiar.

Are Halloween and Bonfire Night obsessions with horror and the macabre?

Among my favorite appearances are a Jameson commercial The Gen Xers among us may also remember the 's PBS animation, aired on Halloween, that delighted and traumatized a generation. Tickets go on sale Friday 22nd November, set your reminder through dicefm - link.

Dark Classical - The best classical tracks for Halloween

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Dance of the Macabre

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More and more visitors come to discover the many morbid curiosities throughout the city, so much that the city has undertaken to turn it into an original and unique tourism development focus. Historical tragedies are so intriguing that they have transformed some places into real tourist attractions. There is a long list of sordid things to discover in Vienna, such as the Imperial Crypt of the Habsburg dynasty with the remains of royals, a must for thrill seekers. The catacombs built over the centuries under the city and containing mummified bodies provide eerie entertainment, as does the cemetery with more than 3 million corpses.

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