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Oh, you know I have seen a sky without sun A man with no nation Saints captive in chains A song with no name for lack of imagination.

Ya he ya he ya la he And I have seen darker than ebony Ya he ya he ya la he And now it seems that I Without your eyes could never be. My one desire, all I aspire Is in your eyes forever to live Traveled all over the seven oceans There is nothing that I wouldn't give.

By Shakira, Gloria M. Estefan, Javier Garza, Pablo Flores - interactive, digital sheet music to ...

Came from Bahrein, got to Beirut Looking for someone comparing to you Tearing down windows and doors And I could not find eyes like yours. Rabboussamai fikarrajaii Fi ainaiha aralhayati Ati ilaika min haza lkaaouni Arjouka labbi labbi nidai.

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General Comment wow I feel some tension up in here General Comment just tryin to make it a bit easier for you.. Rabbou assama'i fika arraja'i Fi ainaiha aral-hayati Ati ilaika min hazal kaawni Arjouka labbi labbi nida'i and it means as suha expalained, but i think she sez, in his eyes, i see life General Comment What is this english crap.

This song was about 92 times better in spanish. General Comment I agree with nillad this song is amazing in Spanish.

Shakira - Eyes Like Yours (Ojos Así) lyrics

The english version sounds like a piece of schizznick. Really doesn't do the song any justice. General Comment somebodys trying hard to to fit in Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Why not add your own?

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11 Shakira - Eyes Like Yours (Ojos Así) [Lyrics]

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Eyes Like Yours (Ojos Asi)

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